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Regarding the raid event scheduled to take place on 11/19/17.

Important Information:
  • Resources will not be supplied. You will have to bring your own.
  • There is no sign up, if you're online at the time of the event you'll be able to participate.
  • The event will be hosted at 4pm EST, tomorrow.
  • The base will be pasted some place in wilderness, and the coordinates will be placed into chat.
  • The rewards will be the items inside the base, as well as the raider tag for the cannoner for the faction, that get into the base.
  • You may only have 4 claims per faction around the raid event, anymore will get you disqualified.
  • The first team to breach the main base wall will be declared the winner.
(Sorry for the delay on the post, I got busy).

-- The Levania Staff Team
Lets all congratulate the winners for the first week of ftop!
Don't worry, next week we'll be giving out the same prizes, so raid and conquer ftop!


➜ #1. $100 USD PayPal ( Zelda )
➜ #2. $50 USD PayPal ( Lyf )
➜ #3. $25 USD PayPal ( Silence )

Can the leaders of the top 3 factions please message me on Discord.
Thank you for participating in the LevaniaMCs first ever weekly factions top prizes, and good luck on the next!