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This is the sign-up thread of the Team vs Team Event. Please read before signing up!

The leader of the team should post their team's names, if you cannot get 5 people, try to join another's team.
Note to team leaders: if you sign up with 5 people and you a member cannot join, please try to give us a message in advance, as you will be forced to play with either 4 people, or to pick someone else up. If you notify us we may be able to postpone the event for a few minutes.

5v5 Event Rewards:

1st: 5 Special Keys or 2 Koth Keys, and 4 Gkit Gems of your choosing. Plus, a rank upgrade for one of your team members. (Possibility to win Cloud rank)
2nd: 5 Epic Keys and 2 Gkit Gems of your choosing.
3rd: 5 Rare Keys and 1 Gkit Gem of your choosing.

The signup will close at 3:30 pm EST.

-- The Levania Staff Team
There will be a tournament style PvP event tomorrow at 4pm EST. (1v1s)
Please respond with your IGN before 3:30pm (11/15/17) EST so I can place you into the bracket.

Rewards for the event will be as follows:

1st: 2 Special Keys, 1 Gkit Gem of your choosing, and 1,000,000 ingame money.
2nd: 2 Epic Keys, 500,000 ingame money.
3rd: 2 Rare Keys, 250,000 ingame money.

-- The Levania Staff Team