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★ LevaniaMC | Season #2 Information

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    Greetings levanians!

    This is going to be the official announcement for our next season with all the details that will come with the new map! I'd first like to thank everyone who participated and had a blast on our server and we hope to see you again when we release the new season. On the official season close, we will be uploading the official factions top winners and we'll be posting our trailer once its complete! Make sure to invite all of your friends for our next, action packed map!

    Factions Top Information
    ➥ Updated! The factions top winners have been announced. Here is the official screen shot:
    #1. Lyf with the leader as NoWayItzJoey $250 PayPal (paid)
    #2. Swoop with the leader as ZachToggles winning $200 Buycraft
    #3. Sw00p with the leader as jamonster2 winning $100 Buycraft

    Proof the paypal prize was paid:

    Buycraft prizes will be given out at the start of the next season, thanks everyone who participated and congratz to all the winners!

    Important Dates
    ➥ First season closes at 8PM EST on August 29th.
    ➥ Releasing at 4PM EST on September 1st.
    ➥ Grace period will end a week later at 4PM EST on September 9th.
    ➥ Outpost events will start at 3PM EST on September 4th.
    ➥ KOTH events will start 6PM EST on September 1st.

    Faction Top Prizes
    #1.$250 USD PayPal or $500 USD Buycraft
    #2. $200 USD Buycraft
    #3. $100 USD Buycraft

    Important Features
    ▸ Balanced & bug free custom enchantments
    ▸ Spawner upgrades through experience
    ▸ Double voting rewards for everyone
    ▸ Shockwave 3x3 and 5x5 pickaxes
    ▸ Maximum of 10 alts per ip
    ▸ Advanced anti cheat
    ▸ Sugarcane growth increased by 2x (MONEY MAKER)
    ▸ Iron golem spawners cannot be bought, must be won through events
    ▸ Brand new unique and custom spawn + warzone
    ▸Craftable cobble, sand, and reverse gen buckets
    ▸ /xpbottle to bottle your EXP, and trade or sell it
    ▸ Custom coded spigot with cannoning patches and zero lag
    ▸ Balanced economy through a shop gui
    ▸ Daily rewards for all players
    ▸ Bow boosting is disabled, enderpearls are enabled in combat, combat tag resets on enderpearl throw

    Cannoning Information
    ▸ Scatter lava, no regens
    ▸ Auto cannons are not allowed
    ▸ Cobweb patch to prevent cobweb defenses
    ▸ East to west patched
    ▸ Perfect cannoning with no issues

    Bases & Factions Information
    ▸ 20 chunk buffers from main walls
    ▸ Bitch claiming will not be allowed
    ▸ Members get /tntfill
    ▸ Craftable cobble, sand, and reverse gen buckets
    ▸ 50 members per faction
    ▸ 100 power per member
    ▸ Factions fly works in ally land as well
    ▸ Co-leader and recruit rank
    ▸ Larger /f map, /f motd, and /f stealth/ninja

    Events Information
    ▸ Koth is every 3 hours, koth crate
    ▸ Supplycrates is every 2 hours in warzone
    ▸ Outpost for access to outpost shop, better sell prices
    ▸ Boss event is every 12 hours

    World Information
    ▸ 10k x 10k Overworld Border
    ▸ 2k x 2k Nether Border
    ▸ 2k x 2k End Border

    ➥ The overworld, nether, and end has no natural spawners, and will both be released at the same time. All worlds feature flat Y:1 bedrock. All members will have an equal chance to claim each corners.

    Grace Period Information
    ➥ Grace period will end at 4PM EST on September 9th. Before this time, TNT and creepers will be disabled.

    Thank you all for reading and hopefully we'll have an amazing second season!
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    You should make boxing up spawners illegal.