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GoldenCrapples Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Palle, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Please state your in-game name: GoldenCrapples
    How old are you?: 15
    What's your timezone?: CET

    Up to how many hours can, you contribute a day?: 6-8
    Are you familiar with our server/forum rules?: Yes
    Do you have Skype?: Yes
    Past experiences as staff [Optional]: RoyalMC BrutalFactions.
    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details: Yeah in the early states of Hyverse I got banned a lot of times. Because i was a retardet autist kid who used hacks to pvp because i was 13 at the time so yeah.
    Why choose you over the other applicants? [For this response, we expect a minimum of 2 pargraphs]: I am 1 of the only real OG'S left on the server so that should count for something. I have spent a lot of hours on this server and I will continue to use my time on the server. Most of the community knows me, and I know how factions should work Chat Ingame and all that jazz :) I might have been toxic. But I can reform you know to stop telling people to go KYS and other toxic shit. I have known a lot of the previous staff members and seen what the have done so I would be a great fit to the team
    How would you benefit LevaniaMC?: In anyway possible I am very flexible when it comes to doing stuff. I can help with making chat less toxic. See a different perspective of things. all in all making a better time on the server for everyone. I can contribute to events and I am not a lying shit that will just make other people angrier.

    A player is spamming the chat, what would you do?:
    Ask him what his problem is and see his perspective. of course, if he is wrong i would tell him to stay calm because of its still only a game.
    A player is advertising an ip to his server, what would you do?:
    As a helper with no commands, I would tell people to /ignore him and tell the person that ADV to stop ADV. Right after I would take a screenshot and then report it to higher staff. Since I won't be able to do much more.
    Two players are fighting in chat, What would you do?:
    Well, it is Factions after all so fights in the chat are inevitable. But if they start breaking the rules, I would inform them of that and ask them to SHUT IT and again with no powers, I would take a screenshot and send it to higher staff
    A player told you to kill yourself, What would you do?: Ask why he is being so mean but to be honest, like it wouldn't really affect me anyway because it's still just a game I would personally would not even think much about it other than asking him to stop and if he won't I will /ignore him and report it in because I GOT NO POWER
    A player is telling you that a player is hacking, What would you do?:
    TP to him risk my LIFE record him die to get him banned problem solved I might lose my shit but hackers should just leave the server. If I can't record ATM I will tell him to record it and report it of course.
    A player is threatening to undertake a DDoS towards the server if they are not given OP or staff, what do you do?: Ask why he is acting like a child and then report him because I WILL ONLY BE A HELPER SO I GOT NO POWER AT ALL. so report him to you guys and you will have to take care of him. HE will be banned very quickly I guess because it's against the rules to DDoS threat.

    Any additional information you'd like to share?: I want staff because I think I would be good at it. And everyone on the server doesn't believe I would be able to reform so I would show them. I even did my best for the GRAMMAR in this Application since last time I got denied because my grammar was SHIT so I work hard :) I know how to SS people very well. I know me and my friend tricked admins and even Sargera once we got SS'ed way back a year so :) this is my Application so now you just have to do the right thing and pick me :)